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Read the Terms of Use before using this website. Discontinue using the website if you do not agree with any part of the Terms of Use. By continuing using the site, will constitute acceptance. The Terms of use may be modified at any time without notice, please regularly check this page for updates.
There are two sections to our Terms of Use as we provide services to the products and services. After reading Section 1, which contains all products and services, read section 2, with additional terms in relation to the products or services you need.

Section 1 (applies to all products and services)


1.1 Access to our website is subjected to the Terms of Use and our Privacy policy. By using this site, you accept and act as per the Terms of Use and Privacy policy. If you wish to decline to this agreement, you will not be permitted to use this site, and you should stop accessing it immediately.

1.2 If the Term of Use is breached, the user’s right to access this website shall immediately be declined.

1.3 We reserve the right to change the Terms of Use every time without any notice. The amended Terms of Use becomes effective from the day we post on this website. You should check this section when visiting this site, as the Terms of Use is amended regularly. Using this site is an acknowledgment of the amended Terms of Use.

1.4 We have the option of ending these Terms of Use, products, and services offered at any time without giving any notice to the user at our own decision when you breach any terms or conditions of the Term of Use. When the user is terminated, they must stop using the information on the website, and they should destroy all the materials obtained from our site, include all other related documents and copies.

Our Service

2.1 Our company offers an independent online service that enables the users to research and compare mortgage, credit cards, insurance, financial products, or services offered by a third party while using our site. Our comparison service is free for all users. We don’t charge any fees to the products or services the user compares; however, we introduce users to other parties to provide these products or services. We earn by charging the third party providers a fee.

2.2 Please be advised, our website does not endorse any product or service that we recommend. The website has a list of recommendation that offers information on various products or services, and this information for general purposes only. The information is not to be relied upon; it is available to select the product and services that are of interest to you and your needs. Always check the suitability and appropriateness of the product or services of your preference, and you decide to buy or refrain any products or services. If you doubt the suitability of the products or services recommended on the site, we advise that you consult an independent professional before you buy any product or service via this site.

2.3 Be advised that nothing on the site is or shall not represent an offer from a third party or us to sell any product or service. Nor entering in agreement with you in any product or service. By entering your personal details, you offer to obtain the necessary products or services from the third party on the terms and conditions that are accepted or rejected. The product or services contract will be finalized once the offer has been accepted. Kindly note that your payment acceptance on this website does not necessarily mean acceptance of your offer. You will be confirmed when the offer has been accepted.

2.4 When a user applies for a credit card through our site, you may receive compensation from the credit card company. Our credit card reviews are based on objective analysis written by our staff writer or one of our carefully verified freelancers. We maintain editorial independence from affiliates.

2.5 Our goal is to offer uninterrupted access to our site; however, we give no alerts as to the uninterrupted availability of this site. We reserve the right to restrict, suspend, or terminate a user’s access to this site at any time.

2.6 We reserve the right to amend, edit, add, delete, or modify any details, material, data, or content on our website and without any notice.

Permitted use

3.1 The user can only access and use this site for personal use and not for commercial purposes. This website can only be accessed and used by private individuals only, or a business can use this site to look for products and services for clients or business or their behalf. Accessing or using this site for more than personal use or using for commercial purposes is strictly not permitted.

3.2 A user is not allowed to use this site if:
They plan to abuse, defame, harm, intimidate, embarrass, or harass other people or invade people’s privacy or being hateful, inappropriate, unacceptable, and discriminatory as determined by us.
You create, confirm, check, modify, or update your details or other people’s records, database, or directories.

The user interferes with, imposes inappropriate large part of our communication or technical systems determined by our website.
The person uses automated software, programs, web crawler, bots, data mining software processes, and systems.

3.3 You add a link in this site as long as you follow the right procedures, legal, and it doesn’t destroy our company’s reputation or take advantage of this site is regulated by us. Never add a link to this site to suggest any form of association or endorsement by us. We reserve the right to ask you to remove any link to this site at any time, and we can revoke any permission at any time.

Intellectual property right

4.1 We own the rights to information, content, displayed data, and all the material on this website. You can temporarily print, download, copy, or save data, content, or data displayed in this website for personal use, however, subject to the following conditions:
The information may not be used for commercial purposes, or commercially exploited, distributed, published or developed without prior written consent from us.
You should never use automated software, system, program, web crawler, screen scraping software, and data mining.

Not to be sold or distributed to a third party.
The copy must have copyright notices contained in the primary source.
All the images on our website are copyrighted and must not be produced or distributed without our written consent.
No logos, service marks displayed on these websites shall be printed or downloaded except as part of the text there is part of, and never modify digital copies of any information, content, or data.
Our company, or licensors as authors of the information, material, and content, must be recognized.

4.2 We reserve all the intellectual property rights that include and not limited to, all design rights, inventions, logos, all copyright, trading and business names, trade and service marks, moral rights, data rights, internet domain names, software, source codes, registered and unregistered business techniques, know-how, content, material posted in our website.

4.3 Unless indicated elsewhere in our Term of Use, none of the intellectual property rights belonging to our company or our licensors in and related to this website that includes content, data in the site and information might be copied, published, utilized, modified and reverse engineered, reformatted by the user without written consent.

4.4 We own all rights in the website.

4.5 The user retains ownership of any opinions, views, ratings, reviews, comments, uploads, publish, upload, display, information submitted by the user, or data made publicly available on the website. The “User Content,” the user grants us the unlimited access to transfer, modify, store, share, save, sell, copy display, reproduce, extract and reproduce the user content in any way or use. Part 5, 6, and 7 are essential, and you should carefully read them as they limit our liability to you, the user, and detail your responsibilities.

Limit to our liability

5.1 None of these Term of Use excludes our liability for personal injuries or death caused by negligence or our fraud misrepresentation.

5.2 While we strive to ensure that we have accurate information on our website, keep our website updates, clear any errors after being alerted of any issues, we don’t monitor, check, endorse, and we are not responsible or liable for any loss or injuries suffered. Any damages incurred connected to any information, data or content collected from a third party which is in the website or a third party’s site, such data, material, content, out of date or incorrect information, it’s the user’s responsibility to confirm that the content, material, information, and data is up to date, correct, complete and accurate.

5.3 Any reviews, opinions, advices, views, comments, rating on our website or a third party website which are made by the third party including the User content do not reflect our views, advice, opinions, the user should rely on the information for, and the details are not monitored, reviewed, verified or checked by us. Our company is not reliable for any damages or losses suffered in relation to opinions, views, ratings, comments, and advice, including information accuracy, completeness, and truthfulness.

5.4 We don’t offer any warranty on our website or any third party or any details, material, content, or data on our website. Our website and any third-party site are free from spyware, malicious software, viruses, worms, logic bombs, viruses, or any harmful effect that may affect or contaminate the technology. Make sure that you use the appropriate virus checking and protection software. We, as a company, are not responsible or held liable for any damages or losses incurred as a result of any third party association.

5.5 Our company is not held liable for any losses or damages incurred by the user in connection to using our website. Incidents beyond our reasonable control, including emailing of information, content material, and data on the internet and the decryption by other users.

5.6 Our company will not be responsible for any indirect incurred losses or damages suffered from the use of this website, this also includes any loss of savings the user expects to make, loss of business opportunity, loss of profit or revenues. We are not liable for damages or losses suffered in relation to using the website that was not foreseeable by our company when you used this website.

5.7 Our company is not liable for any damages or loss incurred related to any inability to use or access the website for any reason.

Disclaimer of Warranties.

6.1 Use or access to this website or our services is at your own risk. The materials, submission, and the third party’s content are not verified or authenticated by our company; they may have incorrect, typographical, and errors. Our company may not warranty the time of the materials, submissions, accuracy, or any details in the Third-party contained on this website. We take no responsibility for any omissions or errors in the content and the third party’s content, whether provided by our company or licensors.

Exclusion of liability in relation to third party assistance, websites, advice, products, and services.

7.1 A user can apply to various products and services via our website. Our company does not offer these products and services, and they are provided by the third parties with whom we don’t have control over. It is the user’s responsibility to research what you need to acquire either a product or service before moving forward. We are not held liable for any damages or loss incurred in relation to any errors, defaults, or omissions of the third party related to the products or services.

7.2 Please note that the description and information of the products and services on the website might not represent the complete details of the features and the terms and conditions of the product and services. Carefully read the features, terms, and conditions of the products and services before moving forward.

7.3 If the User applies and receives any product or service, a Third-party company will contact the user and provide the product or services at their terms and conditions. It’s the user’s responsibility to understand and agree to the term of use before signing up into a contract to receive the products and services. Our company is not liable for any loss the user suffers in relation to the terms and conditions of the agreement entered by the user with the third party.

7.4 We offer links to the website and in the emails sent to our users as part of our services, the third party’s sites. Third parties operate these websites, and our company does not have control over these websites. The use access these third-party websites at their own risk and discretion. The user is responsible for how they use theses websites for any decisions to purchase or avoid getting any product or services available on third party websites. The links to the third-party sites are posted for only the user’s interest and convenience. Our company does not endorse, recommend, or accept responsibility for the third party, its websites, views, advice, product, and services. We are not liable for any loss or damages the users suffer in relation to using the third party’s websites or for any acts of inaccuracy, omissions, defaults, or errors.

7.5 By using the third party website, the user is governed by the terms and conditions of use and the privacy policy to that website. The terms and conditions are different from ours. It’s the user’s responsibility to make that they understand the agreement before making any decisions or using their sites. We are not liable for any loss incurred in relation to the third party’s usage terms and conditions or their privacy policy. Also, for any acts, errors, defaults, omissions in relation to usage terms and conditions and privacy policy.

7.6 Any advice, recommendation, opinions, or assistance provided to the users by the Third-party after using our website, don’t reflect our opinions or views, and we do not check, verify, review, endorse or monitor the information. We also do not endorse or recommend any product or service provided by the third party or their website. We are liable for any loss incurred in relation to any opinions, advice, and views and also in combination with their accuracy, truthfulness, for any acts, error, or omission by the third party and their website.

7.7 Be advised that our website may provide a vast list of product and services, there are some which are available on the market that is not posted on this website, which may be essential and suitable to the user as shown in this article.

User’s responsibilities

8.1 The user should take precautions, including using the right virus protection software to make sure that content, materials, and data provided (including what is described in paragraph 4.5) is safe from viruses, malicious software or anything that might harm the website or the third party’s website.

8.2 The User might consider registering to use our website; this process includes adding a username, password, and identification details. These details must be confidential and not be disclosed or shared. When you disclose this information, the user is solely liable for all the activities.

8.3 The User must check and make sure that all data they provided on the website is correct and that they disclosed all the facts. Our company does not accept any liability for losses suffered if any information provided by the user was inaccurate.

8.4 The User must verify all the information obtained from the Third-party before entering any agreement. It’s the user’s responsibility to recognize and correct any errors in the information given by the third party about their products or services. Failure to do so, the products or services may be invalidated. We do not accept any liability for loss incurred if the user’s information held by the third party is inaccurate or misleading.

8.5 The user must get consent from any other person about whom you choose to use their information before you provide it. By submitting any other person’s data, the user acknowledges that they have permission to do so and the other person understand how their information will be used.

8.6 The User is solely liable for the conduct and content on the website. They must make sure that:
-They use their content or have the right to get the license set in paragraph 4.5
-Their content does not violate any privacy rights, copyrights or trademarks
-Their content does not violate any law
-Their content is accurate or not misleading any facts
-Their content is not intimidating, embarrassing, threatening, discriminatory, or abusive.

8.7 The User agrees that they will be responsible for any loss, damages, claim that our company may suffer in relation to the user’s conduct on the website or their content.

9.1 We are dedicated to protecting the user’s privacy, and we take this very seriously. We process the user’s details in line with our Privacy policy. By using this site, the user acknowledges the way our company deals with the user’s details.


10.1 Our website is only intended for users in Canada. We don’t guarantee that any products or services posted on this website are available or right for use outside of Canada. If a user is outside of Canada, it’s solely held liable, and they are responsible for consulting the local laws.

10.2 If any provision of the Terms of Use is unlawful, it shall be deleted from the Terms of Use.

10.3 The Terms of Use involves the whole agreement between the user and our company, which relates to the user’s access and use of the site.

Governing law

The Terms of Use and the user are governed by the laws of the Ontario Province, without effects on principles of conflicts of laws. Any disputes are subjected to the exclusive venue in a court of competent jurisdiction in the Ontario Province. If the court holds any provision of the Terms of Use to ne invalid, the provision shall be severable from; however, it shall not affect the validity of the remaining provisions.
Section 2 (Additional Terms)
Some products and services need additional terms and conditions for the above. Here are some details:

Insurance Products
Our insurance service allows the user to search and compare different types of insurance products from various insurance providers.
The user is required to answer some questions on the website to compare a quote for insurance products. The questions are made to ensure that all insurance providers have the needed information to provide the user with the right and timely details related to the products which the user is interested in.
The level of search and the amount paid will be determined by the answer the user provides to these questions. The user must answer the questions completely and accurately.
Failure to give accurate information could invalidate the insurance products, and this means the user will not have insurance coverage. If the user gets an invalid insurance cover, their claims may not be paid, and they could be responsible for the Third Party costs in the event of an accident.

To apply for an insurance product, the user must contact the insurance provider. We offer a direct link to the website and the direct telephone number with any identification required to access the details. Before applying for any insurance products, make sure you confirm that the information is correct and that you have disclosed all the required information. It’s the user’s responsibility to recognize the mistakes held by the insurance company about you before applying for any products.
Most insurance companies make assumptions about the person applying for insurance. It’s the person’s responsibility the assumptions made by the company as they make part of the contract with the company. Failure to do so could invalidate the insurance product.
It’s important to read the Term of Use before applying for any insurance products. Familiarize yourself with all the details, such as the restrictions and conditions applied to the insurance products. It’s the user’s responsibility to ensure that the insurance products match the requirements. We are not liable for any loss suffered if the user receives an insurance product that does not meet their standards.

Financial Products
The user is required to answer some questions on the site to compare any financial products. These questions are designed to ensure that that all the relevant insurance providers have the necessary details, to offer you the right products. It’s essential to answer all questions accurately and completely.
To apply for financial products or services, you need to contact the right product provider.
If you are not sure of the details are needed to be disclosed, you should confirm with your product provider before you apply for the money products. Carefully read the terms and conditions of the product before applying for any financial product and what documentation is needed for the product. Be familiar with information such as interest rates, restrictions, and obligations.
It’s the user’s responsibility to check that the products match your requirement and that you agree with the product’s terms and conditions before apply. We are not liable for any loss you incur if the product applied doesn’t meet your requirements.

User-generated content
The user is not permitted to use this website to:

  • -Collect email addresses of others to send unsolicited emails or communication.
  • -Promote illegal activities
  • -Do unlawful, abusive, intimidating, harassing harmful, inappropriate and racially to harm minors in any way
  • -Do anything that violates the rights of others, such as privacy.
  • -Identity impersonation or misrepresentation
  • -Upload, share, save any personal information of other people, such as addresses, contact numbers, email addresses, and names.
  • -Sending unauthorized advertising, junk mail, chain letters, and promotional materials
  • -Posting links to alternative community forum without prior written consent.
  • -We reserve the right but have no obligation to monitor any user’s content. We are not liable to review any User’s content.
  • -We reserve the right to delete, post, modify, amend or remove any User’s content for any reason that breaches the Terms of Use
  • -The user confirms that any detail they provide to our website is accurate and complete, and we ensure that this information is securely kept and up to date.