Manitoba Car Insurance

Manitoba Car Insurance

Is Auto Insurance Coverage Mandatory in Manitoba?

By law, car insurance in Manitoba is compulsory. Car insurance provides drivers with options to offer them additional personalized protection they desire, and various insurance companies give more packages on top of the primary insurance cover, although they charge a bit higher rates.

How car insurance coverage works in Manitoba

Car insurance is mandatory in Canada, and each province has its unique coverage requirements. For drivers in Manitoba, car insurance is offered through Manitoba Government Insurance, a corporation that provides essential and optional insurance coverage packages. Other options are rarely used, coverage available through private insurance brokerages, and insurance companies. The third liability coverage through MPI has a set limit of $200,000; however, drivers have the opportunity to increase their limits either through a private insurer or MPI.

How to get a Manitoba driver’s license

New drivers go through the graduated driver licensing course; the program involves a 3-step educational course until they are fully approved and licensed drivers. If a driver is moving to Manitoba, and they have a driver’s license, they have 90 days to exchange their valid driver’s license to a Manitoba driver’s license. The driver can add their previous credits out of Manitoba driving experience to boost their GDL points based on the stage they are in.

No-Fault Auto Insurance

In 1994, Manitoba adapted the “no-fault” car insurance called the Autopac offered by Manitoba Public Insurance. The common assumption on the no-fault insurance is that no one is at fault; however, that’s not correct. Instead, it means, regardless of the fault, every person injured at Manitoba, including death in a car accident in Canada, shall receive a settlement from their insurance company. This kind of insurance cover is designed to offer treatment and benefits to the injured party faster, avoiding delays experienced in the legal system.

Ways of getting Affordable Manitoba Car Insurance

Although all Manitoba car insurance is issued by the government corporation known as Manitoba Public Insurance (MPI), independent insurance brokers have enhanced insurance policies with additional coverage and limits. The driver’s car insurance rate is determined by factors such as age, gender, the car model, the amount of coverage, postal code, and driving history.

Documents required to get Car Insurance in Manitoba

If you buy a new car in Manitoba, you will receive the following documents which are required to get car insurance:
• Bill of sale
• New Vehicle Information Statement
If you buy a used car from a dealership, you will get the following documents required to apply for car insurance:
• Transfer of Ownership, a document found at the back of the registration certificate.
• Certificate of inspection
• Bill of Sale

If you buy a used car from a private individual in Manitoba, you should receive these documents to help you choose car insurance.

• Transfer of Ownership
• Bill of Sale

In addition to these documents, the insurance company will require a Certificate of Inspection. For a private sale, Retail Sales Tax is needed.