British Columbia Car Insurance

Whether you are driving through the Sea to Sky Highway, going to Vancouver, or visiting the Okanagan Valley, going to British Columbia is an undeniable scene, however, it’s also expensive. British Columbia drivers pay high car insurance rates in Canada. It’s advisable to shop around for great insurance rates for their car insurance policy. With more than 250,000 car accidents in British Columbia every year, purchasing top-quality car insurance is the best way to protect you and your family. No matter where you are driving, make sure you have the right coverage to protect yourself no matter what happens.

What Insurance Covers

By law, drivers in British Columbia are required to have third-party liability coverage. This coverage protects the driver in the event someone dies, is injured, or suffers property damage after an accident caused by an at-fault driver. In British Columbia, Medical benefits are limited to $150,000 per person.

Drivers can buy additional coverage to offer extra protection when they need it. Some of this coverage include:

• Fire
• Theft
• Collision
• Extra third party liability

A driver can buy additional coverage from an insurance company in British Columbia.

Car Insurance costs in British Columbia
Depending on where you live in the Province, the insurance rates can vary, and you might find you are paying more for car insurance than other areas. According to the Insurance Bureau of Canada, drivers in British Columbia pay an average of $1,832 per year for their insurance cover.

What type of auto insurance system does British Columbia have?
British Columbia operates on a tort system, which means the not-at-fault injured person is allowed to sue the at-fault driver to recover damages, loss of income, personal expenses, trauma, pay, and suffering.
But, in British Columbia, the accident benefits part of the claim that allows the no-fault structure. The injured party can get coverage from their insurance cover, regardless of who is at fault.

Factors that determine car insurance rates in British Columbia
Here are some factors that determine Car insurance rates:

• Driving history
• Driving experience
• Gender and Age
• Model of the Car
• Usage and location of the Vehicle
• Type of coverage

How to Get Affordable Car Insurance in British Columbia

Here are some ways to get affordable car insurance:
• Maintain a good driving record
• Pick the right insurance cover
• Pay premiums on time
• Buy winter tires to get an offer from your insurance company
• Complete a certified driver training course
• Buy all your insurance within the same company
• Bundle up your car insurance with your home insurance

Who sets Car insurance rates in British Columbia?
British Columbia has a government-regulated car insurance board. People buy policies from the Insurance Corporation of British Columbia. The corporation was founded in 1973, before that, drivers had little choice on where they purchase their main car insurance policy. However, they now have secure and reliable insurance sources to buy their plan as well as purchase non-mandatory coverage such as collision coverage, fire, and theft from private insurers.