Lethbridge Car Insurance

Lethbridge Car Insurance

Lethbridge is the fourth largest city in Alberta. The city is famous for being the economic and cultural center of Southern Alberta. Lethbridge has over seventy parks with hiking as the main activity. The city is home to many families, and most of these families own vehicles that have car insurance.

Is Car insurance compulsory in Lethbridge?

Drivers in Lethbridge are required to purchase a car insurance policy to have peace of mind. A driver can secure Third-party car liability insurance to benefit from car repair and medical expenses. In the event of a loss, the driver is guaranteed a full coverage from the insurance company.

Mandatory Car Insurance 

Third-party car liability insurance

This coverage includes payout for damages and injuries the driver caused to others, including legal expenses if the driver is sued.

Accident benefits

If a person is injured during an accident, the driver will receive rehabilitation, income replacement, and medical benefits. It doesn’t matter which driver caused the accident.

Additional Insurance Cover

  • Collision

If the driver is not at fault in an accident, the insurance company will cover the loss, car damage, and its contents.

  • Uninsured Car Coverage

If a driver is injured, a person killed by an uninsured driver or a hit and run, the driver and their family members will be covered.

Do I need a Personal Insurance to drive an Uber in Lethbridge?

Yes, An Uber driver needs to purchase car insurance for a ride-sharing service. Ride-sharing services include commercial car insurance with driver’s fees. It’s illegal to operate a car without vehicle insurance in Lethbridge.