Edmonton Car Insurance

Edmonton Car Insurance

Each Edmonton driver must have a current and up to date car insurance. This law applies to Edmonton, Alberta residents, visitors, and people passing through the city. Nowadays, various insurance options can be confusing. By researching, the driver will get options and get the right quotes that best suit their needs.

Why is insurance more expensive in Edmonton than the rest of Canada?

The reason why car insurance in Edmonton is expensive is because of frequent claims. Edmonton has a dense population, which means more cars on the road, and the chances of collisions are high. With the high rate of theft, the insurance premiums have increased for Edmonton residents.

Tips for driving in Edmonton

Be Bridge smart
Bridge construction can narrow the roads, close lanes, and changing detours; a driver should be careful and look out for temporary signage when driving towards a bridge.

Be Highway-smart.
Edmonton is encircled with many highways such as the Highway 14, Highway 28 and Highway 216. Edmonton drivers should pay attention when driving on the highways, leaving enough braking distance and making sure that the car is in the best condition before driving on a highway.

• Winter Driving
During the winter, Edmonton residents should be prepared for brutal winter conditions. Some of the ways to be prepared are, installing winter tires, at least half or a full tank of gas, snow scraper, and a fully charged phone. With patience and caution, you will arrive at your destination, even though it might take longer than usual.